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Cub Scouts - A program for boys who are at least 6 years old or in First Grade through Fifth Grade. Families and fun are a big part of the Cub Scouts.


Boy Scouts - Boys who have completed the fifth grade, or who are a Cub Scout who have earned the Arrow of Light Award, or are at least 11 years old but not yet 18. Highest rank that can be earned is Eagle Scout.


Varsity - young men who are at least 14 years of age but not yet 18. It provides options for young men who are looking for rugged high adventure or challenging sporting activities.


Venturing -Young men and young women age 14, or 13 and have completed the eighth grade through age 20.


Learning for Life - A Career Education Program, Elementary School Programs, Middle School Programs, Special Needs Programs.


alt Scouting in the San Gabriel Valley Council – BSA is an amazing place. You'll find yourself hiking mountain trails, canoeing in the ocean and cocean and camping under the starry sky.  Cook your meals over an open fire. Travel the backcountry without leaving a trace and live well with only what you carry in your pack.

altScouting is also a doorway to friendship.  Not only are there the Scouts in your unit, but there is a brotherhood many millions strong that stretches all around the world.  In Scouting, you will make friendships and memories that truly last a lifetime.