Monday, Aug 31, 2015
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Times when a tour and activity plan must be submitted for council review include the following:

  • Trips of 500 miles or more; or
  • Trips outside of council borders (exception: not to your council-owned property); or
  • Trips to Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, Summit Bechtel Reserve (you will be asked to present a copy of  your tour and activity plan upon arrival), National Scout Jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, or a regionally sponsored event; or
  • When conducting any of the following activities outside of council or district events:
  1. Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.)
  2. Climbing and rappelling
  3. Orientation flights (process flying plan)
  4. Shooting sports
  5. Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.); or
  6. At a council's request (Contact your local council for additional guidelines or regulations concerning tour and activity plans; many have set guidelines for events or activities within council boundaries such as for Cub Scout overnight camping.)
Regardless, the tour and activity plan is an excellent tool that SHOULD be included in preparation for all activities, even those not requiring it. It guides a tour leader through itineraries, travel arrangements, two-deep leadership, supervision qualifications, and transportation.
If you have any other questions, please contact your District Executive so they can help explain the process.
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No More Charter Lapse Period


A change in the national reporting of membership data will begin effective January 1, 2016. Starting then, a unit that has not reregistered by its expiration date will be considered “separated” and immediately dropped from BSA’s membership reporting. There will no longer be a “lapse period” for units that do not reregister on time; we will no longer use the term “lapsed” for a unit that has not renewed. This means that units with a December 31, 2014 expiration date will be included.

What does this mean for you if you don’t turn in your charter on time?

  • Your unit will not be able to go on outings because of loss of insurance
  • Your unit will not be able to access or update advancements
  • Your unit will not be able to log service hours
  • Your unit will not be able to access
  • Youth and adults will not be receiving Boys' Life
  • Adults will not be receiving Scouting magazine
  • Your unit will loose all previous charter tenure