Monday, Aug 03, 2015
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The San Gabriel Valley Council's policy for Tour Plans is as follows:

  • All units need to file a tour plan when you are traveling as a unit to any place other than your meeting place.
  • Tour plans must be submitted 14 days prior to your trip.
  • Tour plan must list 2 registered adult's as the Trip Leader and Asst. Trip Leader.
If you have any other questions, please contact your District Executive so they can help explain the process.
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No More Charter Lapse Period


A change in the national reporting of membership data will begin effective January 1, 2016. Starting then, a unit that has not reregistered by its expiration date will be considered “separated” and immediately dropped from BSA’s membership reporting. There will no longer be a “lapse period” for units that do not reregister on time; we will no longer use the term “lapsed” for a unit that has not renewed. This means that units with a December 31, 2014 expiration date will be included.

What does this mean for you if you don’t turn in your charter on time?

  • Your unit will not be able to go on outings because of loss of insurance
  • Your unit will not be able to access or update advancements
  • Your unit will not be able to log service hours
  • Your unit will not be able to access
  • Youth and adults will not be receiving Boys' Life
  • Adults will not be receiving Scouting magazine
  • Your unit will loose all previous charter tenure