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Donate Your Automobile, Boat or Maybe Even Some Other Large Objects

The Council can easily arrange for your donation of an automobile, boat or other unneeded item. We can help with the paperwork to transfer ownership and provide you with the needed documentation for your tax return. Contact the Friends of Scouting Office at the San Gabriel Valley Council, BSA for details.

Scouting Heritage Society
In an effort to encourage support for the endowment trust fund, the council has established the Scouting Heritage Society. Its objective is to encourage men and women altwho believe in Scouting to invest in its future. These individuals will be acknowledged   as lifetime members of the Scouting Heritage program with appropriate recognition   and privileges. Various benefits and methods of contributing gifts are described in this article.

The purpose of the following is to:

  • Identify the objectives and challenges facing Scouting in our council.
  • Provide information on Scouting Heritage Society.
  • Identify methods of providing immediate and future financial benefits and security for you and Scouting

Meeting the Challenge
Character building, citizenship training, and fitness have been the objectives of the Boy Scouts of America since 1910. Achievement of these objectives will be of even greater importance in the years ahead. The Scouts of today, if properly trained, will be the leaders of tomorrow in business, education, government, and all walks of life. Bringing the benefits of Scouting to the family, community, nation, and the world presents a great challenge for today and in the years ahead. Achievement of our objectives largely depends on the scope and vigor of the Scouting program.

Program Objectives
Scouting, serving thousands of young men and women in our council today, strives to develop youth who are physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Duty to God and country is a fundamental principle of the Scouting program. Camping, conservation, leadership training, family activities, career exploration, progressive program development for handicapped and disadvantaged people, and to community service projects, combine to accomplish Scouting's objectives.

Perpetuating Scouting's Future
Maintaining and expanding our program outreach to youth will become increasingly difficult in the years ahead. Innovative and relevant programs to attract and hold youth, will require new and increased financial support. Funding from traditional sources becomes more challenging each year. In response to this challenge, the council is committed to further develop and expend the endowment trust fund. Its aim is to produce increased operating income from this source. This fund, which is permanent and professionally managed, is restricted in order that the principal remains in perpetuity, with earned income used annually for support of programs.